Laptop showing the updated Cadnet website 2014

Cadnet reinforces the practical implementation of BIM with the launch of a new website.

BIM has developed into a buzz word within the construction industry and whilst companies and individuals may understand what BIM is, the practical implementation of BIM is somewhat lacking. The dual speed adoption of BIM by UK companies, emphasises the disparity between those that have and those that have not. Large companies not only have dedicated BIM resource but coupled with extensive budgets enabling them to appoint dedicated BIM Managers and BIM teams compared to the significantly important but under resourced SME sector.

So what is lacking in the industry?

It is quite simply knowledge and understanding – I question if there really is a sound understanding of BIM, what it is, when it is needed and more importantly how to implement it with existing systems and ‘real world’ challenges. I would assume that most customers would struggle with the transference of text book formats and processes into real time solutions, and solutions that work with our customer’s existing systems.

It is important to recognise that most businesses are not at the stage to implement BIM but through working with a knowledgeable partner in the industry they can certainly bridge the gap by assisting customers to not only understand and develop BIM but to develop and implement at the customers own pace and with their existing support systems.

As far as we are concerned it is all about practical implementation of BIM and that is what you will find from Cadnet.
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