Cadnet is committed to pursuing all aspects of its business in accordance with a coherent approach which embraces corporate, community and social responsibility as reflected by the policies and practices under which it operates on a day-to-day basis.

Best Practice

Cadnet recognises the essential connection between the delivery of excellent customer service, the recruitment, training and development of its personnel, and the continuous improvement of its systems and procedures. Emphasis on understanding customer needs, together with research, development and an innovative approach to problem-solving underpins our pursuit of Best Practice in all areas.

Health, safety and environmental awareness

Our management team is fully committed to policies which ensure and continue to improve the health, safety and welfare of all Cadnet employees, stakeholders and others who may be affected by our activities. A similar commitment applies to our awareness of environmental and sustainability issues and we target the reduction of any negative impact upon the areas in which we work.


Cadnet acknowledges and positively encourages diversity, equality and mutual respect as positive and essential components in assisting the current growth and future development of the organisation.


Embracing the use of technology through in-house expertise has been the basis of Cadnet’s growth in recent years, and harnessing the power of software applications has repeatedly demonstrated benefits for both our company and our clients. We will continue to pursue the innovative design and application of software which provides effective solutions to enhance our services and to address in-house and client issues as they arise.

Risk management

Cadnet adopts a pro-active approach to risk management, covering all areas of its financial, operational, HSEQ and management activity, providing an assurance to both staff and clients that their business is in safe hands.

An equitable approach

An overriding principle for our approach to business is the commitment to engage on a fair and reasonable basis with all of the company’s stakeholders by offering good value to customers, becoming a trusted partner to suppliers, and providing an environment in which staff can positively engage.