Mary Rose Museum

Bouygues UK Portsmouth 2009
  • Mary Rose Museum artist impression pre build

Project History

The Mary Rose museum, located in Portsmouth’s historical dockyard, is dedicated to the 16th Century Tudor navy warship and the historical context in which she was active.

In 2009 The Mary Rose Trust began a £27 million development project to create a magnificent new museum for the Tudor Warship. This new museum ultimately won Project of the Year at the Building Awards 2014 and was deemed to be the most ambitious heritage construction project undertaken in Europe for over 10 years.

As part of their tender for this prestigious project, Bouygues UK appointed Cadnet to create a 3D model that could communicate the complex technical engineering solution they were proposing. This included protecting the delicate artefact while the surrounding cover was demolished and replaced by an environmentally controlled envelope that would eventually become the museum.

Our Approach

The base dataset for the 3d model included an early laser scan supplied by the engineers, a model of the dockside, the structural frame and architectural envelope. Rhino3D was used to convert the various data sets to a Revit compatible IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) format. At the same time the MEP data was modelled in Revit and then federated in Navisworks, before it was reviewed and output to 3D studio to generate the animations and presentation graphics.

The Outcome

Using the 3D Revit model in the early stages of planning and design enabled Bouygues to fully consider all risks. This resulted in Bouygues redesigning the project to use a lightweight frame and less intrusive construction process to reduce both the cost and the potential risk.

By using the Revit model and 4D visualisation tools, with time as the 4th dimension, Bouygues was able to clearly communicate a complex programming and engineering solution to the Heritage Trust board. The videos and still images communicated the design, delivery, access, storage, supply and instillation issues.

What the client said...

“The new Mary Rose Museum combines contemporary architecture, sensitive preservation and a highly complex build process to showcase one of the most ambitious conservation projects ever undertaken. To be joining a line-up of outstanding UK projects and following the 2013 winner – The Shard, makes us enormously proud.

I would like to thank all our partners who were involved in the creation of The Mary Rose Museum . . . and everyone at the Building Awards – winning this award is fantastic recognition of our role in creating this outstanding heritage attraction.“

Madani Sow, Chairman of Bouygues UK

Services Provided

  • 3D Revit Modelling
  • Data management