BIM Adoption Strategy

Creating a strategy to adopt BIM requires a change in approach for most organisations, because BIM isn’t just about installing new technology or creating 3D models. It is about how you capture, manage and re-use your building related data and integrate this with your current systems. The purpose is to extract knowledge that will help you efficiently maximise and maintain your property.

Your BIM Strategy needs to cover People, Processes AND Technology

Your BIM adoption strategy therefore needs to address people, processes and technology. Through practical experience we have developed a seven stage strategy to help you adopt BIM within your organisation, as illustrated below:

BIM Adoption Strategy Process

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Adopting BIM within an organisation requires discipline and determination. You will need to define your scope, gather together a team with the authority to influence and make change and the budget to see it through.

This approach is detailed in our White Paper “The Journey Towards Level 2 BIM Compliance for Facilities Management” which you may be interested to read.