COBie Compliant Data Drops

COBie Compliant Data Drops correlate to the information that needs to be available for output from a 3D Project Information Model at the pre-defined stages of the project’s design development.

If you need to supply COBie compliant data drops as part of your 3D model, we can provide you with a complete outsourced service to meet your contract commitments.

What is a COBie data drop?

COBie (Construction Operation Building Information Exchange) is an internationally recognised data exchange standard specified in BS 1192-4.

COBie provides the structure for sharing building information between the building designers and the end users. As the design of a building develops the information contained in the corresponding 3D model becomes more detailed.

COBIe Compliant Data Drops - CIC Protocol

For each stage of the design process, in line with the RIBA Stage of Works, there are specified levels of detail that should be contained in the model. This means that all parties can work collaboratively and to the same specification. It is this level of detail that is defined in the COBie data drops.

Through the development of your Employers Information Requirements, we can ensure your 3D BIM model is created “right first time” so that you can make the required data drops for the specified stages of the project.

Realistic timescales and costs

A considerable amount of information is required at each stage of a project to comply with the COBie data drops. It does therefore take time to gather the right information in the correct format.

If you are at the point of tendering and are unsure of the requirements, do please get in touch so that you are able to build these costs and timescales into your project.