MEP Design Co-ordination

In addition to creating your 3D models from your CAD installation plans, we can provide an MEP Design Co-ordination service to incorporate your MEP model into a multi-disciplinary model.

Co-ordinated 3D BIM Models

Technical expertise in MEP modelling and coordination

Our experienced team can create your fully co-ordinated MEP model and will help you deliver a clash free design. We follow a logical clash avoidance methodology, but will always run clash detection sessions if required to highlight any potential issues.

Services delivered inline with industry standards

Our MEP Design Co-ordination services processes are PAS 1192:2 and 1192:3 compliant and our support services can be provided as part of the Task Information Manager (TIM) role or as a standalone service for your project team and supply chain partners.

BIM support

If you are not familiar with the BIM process, or are lacking internal capabilities, we can provide a reliable external resource throughout the life of your project.

Through the agreement of detailed Employer Information Requirements (EIRs) at the outset of every project we will help you meet your contractual commitments and provide guidance on how to deliver a successful project.

Realistic timescales and costs

At the outset of a project, a significant amount of information will be required from you as the MEP contractor. We will also need you to review and approve works throughout the project lifecycle.

We can provide you with the relevant information at the point of tender so that you are able to build these costs and times into your project.