BIM Model showing Building Services

Who owns the building information model and process?

The biggest question I am being asked at the moment is where the standards, model specification level, libraries and ownership of a building information model should sit.

In many cases the suppliers (i.e. architects, engineers, M&E etc.) are better informed about BIM than the client. So we see clients taking advice from genuinely helpful contractors, who are trying to guide their customer whilst improving their relationship.

The client of course is often grateful for the help and might see this as an easy route to write compulsory BIM use into their tender process allowing the collaboration to happen at their contractor’s expense. But is this really the right approach?

We don’t think so.

We believe the client (think building occupant/owner) needs to sit at the head of this process and, working with their supply chain, put in place a value led process tailored to their anticipated BIM requirements.

So before a decision is made on which software application is to be specified, before reviewing which supply chain members are up-to-speed with the technology, the client should review the overall process, potential benefits, pitfalls and level of detail the model should contain at each stage of the design and occupancy cycle.

This is what we are doing with our clients. Helping them on their journey, sharing knowledge and creating a collaborative environment and BIM content. Our aim is to have engaged suppliers that fast-track BIM adoption and ultimately return on investment.

Our Process:
1. Review existing process
2. Engage stakeholders
3. Create strategy
4. Undertake pilot
5. Review pilot
6. Update strategy
7. Deliver strategy
8. Monitor / improve